Which Regions have an open WD?


Basically, as the title says, it does have me curious!

Which regions out there besides Rabun have an open faction for people to pop in and start their +crit chance weapons in their armories?

I’ve heard in a lotta other regions that all of the armory related territories are usually just frequently contested over top factions holding those.


Troup kinda does, we have people join to craft


Warren does not. The most expensive faction when holding the territories places their war defenses and coins them back to life continuously when attacked. Once they are finally kicked, after the 1 hour cooldown, they attack continuously until they regain it.

You’d think the shop would run out of cans they way they use them.

Sitting in 3rd place in CRW as a result.


Are you saying a faction holds onto the crafting territory in order to keep others from gaining a critical success adavantage in weapon crafting? Even at the expense of war? If so, that’s just nuts.


Exactly. And they play games with their feeder factions, leaving in contest and then handing off to maintain control by dumping it to walkers at some agreed upon time. It’s a wonder to behold. Whenever we manage to get both, which I can remember has happened maybe twice in about 3 months, we try to let others in for the hour or so before we lose them. It’s sad the time and effort it takes to get the tiniest little bit of advantage, just another boring chore amongst all the other boring chores. But I suppose we just need to g i t g u d. Or d e d i c a t e d. Or use a mortgage payment on coins. :joy:


We do. Feel free to send me a pm if you want to know more.


Wow, that really sucks. I can’t believe the lengths people go to just to be crappy to others in this game. My region has 2 factions that like to control the bonus experience territories and they work together to make sure they have one or the other of them at all times by switching back and forth at designated times. Fortunately we have no problem with crafting territories other than them being dumped to walkers, same as for you. It’s things like this that have me tired of this game, much more so than any of Scopely’s BS.


The thing these people need to realize is that they have to recruit from somewhere, so allowing others to craft improves their recruitment pool. The second thing is, if you make the region stronger, it makes it easier to get 1st as a faction. Harder to score points if the other teams people match with are better. Team work goes a long way


Wilcox except one faction who are salty


Coosa coordinates by dibbing. It works pretty well.


Rather than leaving your faction in Cook we just agree to defend the crits with 1 low level team. Then after the hours up a single player can take them for their faction. No problems here, works perfectly and avoids people sitting in a farming faction all day farming tokens.


Dallas does. We have a crit territories faction for weapon crafting success and critical chances and also for disassembling. Only time we contest for them is when a faction event is going on.


Strategy is to hold one with high defense, leaving the other in contested state for ~4 hours to recharge energy

And then swap to the other, as it takes much less damage, Rinse and repeat.

Working well, our region is getting walloped in CRW.


Lowndes region has it as well I believe.


Bibb has a crafting faction too: Bibbs Armoury. Anyone can jump in. they ve been holding the crit areas and success areas for over three months now. Just a few stray factions take them sometimes.


Chattahoochee just started making one open fac for those who want to craft/disassemble their weps :+1:


Who’s the leader in it?


That fac is led by a dummy account controlled by the leader of current #1 faction, Django from Dirty Thirty. If you wanna ask about it u r welcome to pm the co-leader @Chrissy :+1:


Albert has, Brooks is currently discussing it.


Thanks for the info, our top factions denied this type of cooperation. They hold it every time to dominate region and be ready for CRW since there are no profit for them to share crit territories :frowning: