Which promo are you waiting for?


I’m disappointed with Beta, was thinking about Sandy lately, is she great?


None? Huehuehue


I enjoy Sandy very much… I pulled Alpha and have been disappointed. Beta isn’t even tempting me…


Negan is disappointing aswell imho. :-S


Keep saying that you aren’t excited about new promos and they’ll nerf the existing 5* ascendables that weren’t promos and they’ll buff the new promos that will make your current 6*'s dead in one hit.

Hurray for voicing your opinion!!!


Waiting for madison.


The one where I actually get a five star and not axel,dale,sandy,bob or any other junk character


Damn i wanted alpha, but was out of luck for her as i had no coins left after Gov. So she aint good? Mira lead and double tap gun sounds so good



So badly want glenn and neut gov to come up…


Don’t get me wrong, this my first big pack coming from tapjoy haha and I also well aware that I won’t get her with one big pull. I’ve never payed for their powercreeps, this sandy will chew asses in the near future, maybe I should wait for 7* self reviving shield.