Which one would you choose?

I am going to replace Bluchonne, and the options I have are Solange or Aris. As the title says, which one would you choose and why? For a Defense team, of course.
I have perfect weapons for both of them (35 def, huge ap and absolute defense in the case of Aris)

Zeke first
Solange next
Aris next

Edit: Dev with stun isn’t as good as Aris with abs d


Solange because she is revive. Just make sure to mod her up appropriately. I run a similar team and it works well. Hate not using a leaders full potential, but sometimes a yellow or green works better behind zeke for defense.


But Zeke’s lead provides both HP/def boost to ranged teammates. So I’d go for range characters before melee ones.


You know you could ask that in our faction chat…

dont use zeke with melee toons any red is going deatroy that Koa or Aris

so im making melee defence team this year so im trying to replace Shiva with Kal or Solange. For qhos should i go?

Solange. You already have a guardian on team two is a waste. Plus solange is a reviver

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Id say kick out dev and add solange… and keep michonne

@Kling and @Bartes - taking out Michonne and Shiva respectively leaves you both with a toothless defence that will probably never kill the enemy. Yeah it may not be a quick kill, which is worth something in war, but can’t see it getting defends.

A lot of people fall into the trap of trying to achieve a premier set up with non-premier toons.

Keep michonne take out dev

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