Which one the first 4?


Which of the first 4 training grounds gives you more leaders, i’ve gotten a lot of peacekeeper and leaders from the second one but more peace than anything


The second one think it’s called medical or something like that. It only gives leaders and peacekeepers.


Yes medical does however you will get about 75% peacekeepers. Leaders do not get much justice in the zombie apocalypse


Facts though


If I’m not mistaken the issue is only George exists as a 2s, while there are at least 2 peacekeepers. Same thing with basic tokens and 1s leads never showing up.


I’ve gotten quite an amount of peacekeepers but have gotten some of Angela and George


Forgot about Angela. Beast 2s toon. Her fast rush is awesome… Er was when in the 2s / 3s war days that once existed in New regions.


Scroll down to the 2nd table, it shows the percentages of each type of char


The first one gives the red leaders. The second one gives the yellow ones. I get more leaders from the first one usually.


Do the first one. I think you’d get Georges more often than you’d get Angelas from medical.