Which one should I ascend?


Hello guys,

I’m trying to get my 3• legendary toon, but I’m not sure which of those should I ascend!

Any comment will be very useful!


carl for sure. better lead for that aris.


Carl absolutely


Carl then mira


Definitely Carl. After Carl I would do Alpha.


Always focus on attack toons ahead of defence. For that reason, skip Carl.

Alpha should be priority. Then Mirabelle


You’ll want to ascend Carl and Mirabelle at some point for their leader skills. I would first ascend whichever one is most helpful right now. Is your current main attack team more ranged or melee? If ranged than Mirabelle, else go with Carl.


@Kanaima has a point even with Carl etc your not going to get many defends due to your limited amount of toons, I’d focus on leveling alpha and Mira then Carl because you want to atleast be able to get some hits in on war or atleast be able to attack


thank you very much everyone, I already have a much clearer idea of what to do :slight_smile:


Harlan definitely harlan


i second that. better than having a harlan in your team is having two harlans.


I’ve seen a bunch of double Harlan setups and I agree the more Harlan the better


Carl, fo sho


im having nightmares where i attack a 5☆ apparently dropped d team and the other four toons turn out to be 6☆ harlans… and then i wake up all in a cold sweat…


Ur dreaming about my dream defense team then yw :wink:


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