Which one of these russian factions is the strongest?

Hard Elite of Perry or Wolves of Meriwether? If u faced both - state an opinion. Both are in best fractions list in leagues on 6th and 7th places. Thanks!

Who cares :man_shrugging:

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Dude that’s literally my gmail name lol
U scared the shit outta me tbh
I care cause I play on different russian region and want to fight the strongest/

Lol legit bro I guess that makes sense

Who gives a sh!t, both are full of hackers with all premiers and lacking the prestige to match. Banhammer needs dropping on most of the “top” Rus/Es/PT factions


В разделе “Лучшие фракции” Вы видите только платину. Есть фракции в бриллианте. Наверное они посильнее будут?

Ты чё, тупой?)

Drop that hammer on EN also, lets not live in lala land pretending English regions are perfect

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Of course but in my travels around I’m yet to see a EN faction with 30 members P11 or below with literally ALL the premiers and endless pots of coins.

It would be easy however to name at least 1 faction from each of the regional areas mentioned that are beyond suspicious

The following are super super suspicious

Hard Elite

and that’s just from memory


Hard Elites’ top 1 ranked player was banned today

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@ViniReis Since you asked, someone added Braw in some kind of list. Congratz! lol


Inter from hard elite was b a n n e d
He was #1 in his region
You should post more frequently lol

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Happy to be of service. Just a shame it takes 3 years for anything to happen.

Caught sight of another today - In Avengers, Prestige 5 with a maxed Alice - In no way suspicious at all :joy::rofl:

Мы видим вас, Влуд - измена ебать

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