Which of this should be ascend first


rosita gator morgan shane


No gator that’s a waste of medals


Unless of course they want a drop lead + a fast ar buffer. Wouldnt say its a waste of medals with the right setup. Shane however…
Fluttershy whats your current team / roster like. Cant really give decent advice without it


Rosa does same drop. Slice n dice does same with camo. If it’s not Glenn no point and some others


Not everyone has Rosa though.


I’d go with Rosita depending on what your roster looks like, and which Rosita it is (Guessing the red one)


The thing about that is…

5 star Gator is a waste of a roster slot.
At least 6 star Gator isnt 5 star Gator.


Rosita. Final answer.

Leader ability.


Healer rosita?

This OP is just way too vague. Ewwww


The 5* gator I will never 6* all the road maps now not many days to farm. Once you hit a certain point the medals don’t come by that easy I have 6* I wish I never did


Morgan, Rosita, Shane and the gator.


I really wonder - people who post their rosters here or ask who to ascend have they really not got faction teammates to ask that??/