Which of these are best or worse to ascend

Camila for her melee atk lead skill imo.


i also have another hershey and a shield andrea

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Camila is very good ascended as a leader toon, douglas is good on defense with his guardian, taunt and confuse. Hershel is decent but not as much of a finishing toon with no decap. Daiyu is great for bleed teams. Green Negan is the worst to ascend in my opinion.

So this depends on what you need - if you need a melee lead 100% camila

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Yea Camila has to be the best leader skill for fast and strong 100%

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Best to last- Camilla, Andrea, Daiyu, Hershel, Negan… Camilla. Imo

Best: Daiyu and Camila
OK: Douglas and Hershel
Not Good: Negan

Camila is eh… I could’ve done without her but I was excited when I got her so I went all the way. Hershel is good, and I’d love to have a Douglas.
Daiyu also. So I’d go either Daiyu/Douglas, Hershel, Negan, and Camila last

Oh hmm… after seeing the rest of the comments I need to rethink how to use Camila, Shit lol

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Daiyu because road to S-class

All except negan

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