Which musical artist would you date if you could?

Lol since this is the music thread; I’m going to add a part 2.

If you had to choose, which musical artist would you or could have dated (assuming they’re not with us anymore)? Only choose one lol.

Make this a separate post Endure!

It’s a good one! :slight_smile:

Skylar Grey (I think I spelled that right…)

Edit: I did.

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There’s a name I haven’t heard in a while.

Hanna van den Berg a.k.a Obscura :wink:


Definitely whoever composed the in game music.


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Courtney Love before she killed Kurt Cobain…


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What a shocker, you promptly responded to this one! :rofl:

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Johnny Cash when he was younger and you know, still alive.

I would choose myself. But my wife got the first dibs. :frowning:

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haha I lol’d

are you an artist Jermanford?

Indeed! A working musician at least. Biggest venues so far have been the State Fair heh. But I have five kids now (a sixth due in January). So going much bigger isn’t practical or desireable at this stage in life. I do weddings, parties, and play at bars and restaurants across my state. Might try and release an EP or something for fun.

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How cool! My best friend does something similar with her boyfriend! She just had her first child so it works better for her too!

You play guitar and sing? (I’ll PM you) :slight_smile:

Shameless self-plug

I won’t plug my own music because, well, it’s not for everyone…

But good for you, J. I had to stop due to kids/life, so I understand your situation very well.

Always wanted to date Marianne Faithfull. Then met the wife. Sorry, Marianne!

Janis Joplin, just to party with one of the greats.


Squeaky Fromme or Sandra Good

Pretty sure they participated in Charlies musical endeavors.