Which League Toon Are You Buying?


So by now everyone has seen the League store and if you haven’t (Where have you been?) But there are currently 2 League Exclusive toons Maribelle and Ezekiel and 1 F2P toon Kelly
I was just wondering which one are yall going to pick and why will you pick them?

  • Maribelle
  • Ezekiel
  • Kelly

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I spelt Mirabelle wrong btw my bad


For the cost, Zeke would be most useful to me


Zeke is the closest to an Erika as any FTP player will get. Although I’m tempted to get Konrad because Shieldchonne has eluded me for too damn long.


None, saving my tokens for next season


Zeke is a poor mans erika. I have no Erika and am not rich, so you know what I’m going for.


I like zeke bc of his unique lead skill. I like mirabelle bc she’s the first all melee attack lead for f2p. I’ll probably snag both if I can, but zeke first bc I have an idea for a team that i’d Like to try.


I already got Zeke and figure I’ll pick Mira up in about 2-3 more weeks


Konrad. And Zeke :grin:


I’d be tempted with Konrad just because i never had him, but wouldnt be much use to me in the 6* era


Green Abe is ftp and all melee attack. Been using him as lead for a while now


Green Abe however is pure glass-canon while with Mira you can build a more resistant atk/def team


yes but work well with guardians and yellow yumi, green bruce etc


Totally disagree that Zeke is anything close to a F2P Erika. No revive, HP and heal to three only.

However, what he does do is offer a true Rainbow option. And for that reason he is gold.

Mirabelle has a great leader skill imo - I use her ranged version in most of my ranged and rainbow attack teams. However, what lets Mirabelle down is that she isn’t all that great as a character. Maybe some mods to make her less squidgy, but you could employ Rick or Abe (both F2P option) better. She wouldn’t make many melee teams as a non-leader unless you were short on options.

Kelly - no, unless you desperately need a command.


Going for those sweeeeet weapons.


I just bought Zeke. Once we get a red shield he will be supremely useful. And yes, with weapon breaks, Michonne and Blue Carl I know red shields won’t be as useful as they once were, but Zeke will make them at least usable.

Plus I believe I will have time to get both toons and the green weapon, so I am not worried.


Already got one Erika from anniversary pull, so zeke will not make any difference to me. So I will go for Mirabelle.


I’m not sure why I always gravitate towards ranged teams, but I do so it’ll be Ezekiel for me. Used alongside Erika he could make a cracking timeout team.


Zeke. He looks :fire:


Needed a decent healer for a while for my ranged team, so Ezekiel is the man for the job since I’m broke.


PRIYA for sure!!! just want to make my roster look Whale and gorgeous :joy: :rofl: :money_mouth_face: