Which item in summer bash market?

What are u guys going after once enough umbrellas are collected? Weapon?

Benedict’s and armory tokens


Probably 30k armory tokens and gentleman/storm cards.

The weapon is okay… if it had defensive stats over offensive, I’d get it for lily. Impair and AP down is redundant because if the enemy is already impaired, they aren’t getting any AP for 3 turns. AP down might lower how much AP they have, but doesn’t contribute anything special to impair.

wave tokens are the best items on the stash

You’re missing the fact that impair can be resisted, while -20 AP drain cannot. Also, impair can be removed (by some supporter’s active or eventually Cleanse), and if the enemy was maxed, he can rush. The -20 AP would have prevented it


The gun,its 5 star and have good atributes and its event gun.

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Didn’t miss that fact, but I guess I also didn’t mention that in the post, so it’s fair game.

While impair can be cleansed/resisted, that’s largely not a concern given that I, and many others, also run multiple crowd control effects in tandem. That way if one is ever removed or resisted, there is a back-up effect to help control the enemy. Impair resist is also less used in general compared to stun/taunt resist.

The point I was trying to make is that impair + AP down together do not provide anything special. There are other weapons effects that do that job more effectively, which ultimately makes the weapon more useable in multiple situations.

Eg: double ATK + crit up works well together because it amplifies the damage of future attacks, as well as increases the chances of rampage working. On Priya, that helps get her damage rolling with her multi-attack AR.

AP down, unfortunately, does not have any special combination that can increase its effectiveness currently. It’s effect is also replaceable with AP down mod, as the bottom left slot is usually using that on a support-like character. While crit is replaceable with a top left mod slot, most player either opt for hp, Def, or ATK instead of crit.

Weapons are the game changer right now since almost players have the same setup of atk/def toons. Going foward for armory tokens for sure.

Well, I do agree that other types of 3rd slot are more useful for atk, but on a non-atk driven rush toon (Lilly, WangFa, Jason) impair + AP drain with a better chance can be useful. And “replacing” the effect with mods is not the right term. Aux mod for AP drain is always just minor chance, so a better chance on weapon is - well, better. And even better if you use them in tandem, so that you get two dice rolls on draining enemy’s AP, especially as AP drain is non-negatable (i.e. you can play a Russian roulette against a full AP Trader).

The weapon itself is far from finished, the Crit obviously calls for a replacement and the 4th slot probably too, but it is still saving 50k tokens for a weapon upgrade if you want to craft a 15/35, while token gain from the store is just 30k…

TL/DR: while not the best deal, the weapon shouldn’t be dismissed with sleight of hand either…


Oh I agree impair on attack is more useful for non-attack toons, but as it stands, I really don’t see any extra benefit, from impair vs impair + AP down, that would justify the trade off. Not to mention the weapon has pure offensive stats, which makes it more ideal for me to craft a lvl 3 impair on attacking on a defensive 4* weapon than to recraft that 5*.

Going for the shotgun myself on two of my accounts. The other two either Bennies or armory tokens

This all the wayđź‘Ť

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