Which is the best way to pull in a promo?


hey, guys can you just tell me which is the best way to pull? 1 pull, 10 pulls or 40 pulls? I’m going for Magna or Lydia, this is going to be my first pull. any advice would be really appreciated


It’s 100% luck, and the odds are not in your favor, my advice if you’re going to pull

  1. Don’t use money that you need
  2. Be prepared for the worse (just 4*)
  3. If you already have a budget planned stick to it, resist the urge to keep pulling after that
  4. And whitin that budget make the pull for the biggest amount possible (more pulls at the same time is “cheaper”)


40 pull…


i’m on many regions competing in leagues to collect the gold, not spending in this game anymore, I only used to spend for the 30 day pass, I know that 40pull is cheaper but I’ve asked just to make sure it is the good way, thanks bro.


Keep pulling until you get the toon you want


Please delete this post i beg you :sob:


as far as i know, coins will be awarded to one region. kinda like trying to finish world maps on different regions wont award you coins for multiple playthroughs.

as per the topic. if youre all in for the promo, then max for sure. if youre skittish a tenner or singles.


Play this game for more than a year and stock up on free coins from ads, offers, scav missions, and leagues. Save up to do multiple 40 pulls.

Then throw your phone and speak in tongues in a glorious fit of rage as you get 80% 4⭐s and non-ascendable 5⭐s.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get one or two legacy/legendary toons but it won’t be the desired one.


If you are going to pull… go for a 10 pull. I like them the most. However don’t expect like a lydia 6* expect a damn useless Harlan like I got in a 10


I get most.of my luck in 10s.


10 pull. You could go for a 40 pull and get the character you wanted as the 1st character and then be stuck with 39 other useless characters. Or, in a 10 pull, you have to deal with a lot less useless characters than you would had you gone for a 40.


I press the button then throw the phone in the toaster and turn it on. The heating helps to acquire the desired toon. Remember to immediately pull again and retoast the phone in the event that you do not receive the advertised toon.

Note have a fire extinguisher ready should you be unfortunate enough to not acquire the premier within 10 toasting cycles. At this point you will be done with the game and happy to be without your phone.

Happy Toasting


Personally i dont think the amounts mean nearly as much as pulling at certain points in the day/night.

I have to test it some more but i can swear im having far better luck around a certain timeframe then i am pretty much anywhere else altogether.

I am speaking almost all pulls not just coin/premier.

Could of just been finally lucky at these general times but it is starting to borderline coincidental to an extent.

There is probably nothing that means anything number of pulls when or how you pull but it can feel that way at times lol


I did about 50 or so pulls for Lydia. Did not get her.
Wish you luck on whatever promo, bud.


Why delete?


Just like this, open the window closest to you and throw your money out it :+1:


How do you know that coins are awarded for that specifically region? When you start in an newer region there is a warning about the coins you could spend wrong in that region.


From what I’ve heard, the region where you scored the highest is the region that will give you coins. This may have been tested in beta.


not to pull


Is that a custom toon in your profile pic? Because if it is it looks very well done