Which is the best atm?

Hello there , I would like to get some advice for a team

I just pull laopo in a single pull ( lmao ) and just got Gabriel from SC

I have 2 question who has globally the best lead for a melee team ?

and the second one is : who is the best shield atm beetween JESUS yellow and william green ?

Gabriel is the better lead definitely, as for the best shield Iā€™d say jesus since you can put ad on him and that ap down is a pretty good base weapon

ok thanks for ur advice anybody have another thinking ?

Gabriel is a great melee defense lead and Jesus is the better shield between the two

Gabriel lead and jesus shield

Sorry !!! was that necessary to mention that you pulled Laopo on a ā€˜ā€™ Single ā€˜ā€™ pull .

Single= 40 pull

Coincidence he asked the shield question? Lol

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