Which gear is Elite Rare, Epic, Legendary?

I just T3’d S Class Raulito with 30 belts with Holster, 30 Practice Dummys, 5 Hand Crank Radios and 5 Military Watches, but all I received credit for on the Daily Harvest collection is for 2 Epic Gear.

I would’ve thought the radios and watches were legendary and the belts were elite Rare, but nope. I’m guessing the Practice Dummies were the Epic.

I tried hunting for a list of gear definitions, but dang if I could find it.


Legendary- GPS/Canteen
Elite rare gear- 4* gear ( I just achieve the goal tiering up Molly)

Elite rare gear is beenie and flank jacket …
Legendary is GPS and canteen but I think it can b radio or watch too since they both r 5* (even hockey masks r 5* , just don’t know if they count or not)

Let’s b honest this event sucks anyways lol… so why bother much … just do free ones and b happy imo @Damage_Inc

Legendary = T3 to T4 gear for six stars
e.g. GPS, Bandolier, Practice Dummy
Epic = T2 to T3 gear for six stars
e.g. Radio, Tripod, Gauntlet
Elite Rare = Beenie, Flak, Waist Toolpack, Alpenstock

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