Which factions do you think are strongest for cross region wars? Post undefeated factions

Was curious as to which regions you had seen out there that looks really tough. High activity, good rosters, good weapons, good teamwork, etc.

If your region’s first place faction is undefeated in CRW(we mean taking 1st place reward in each war(Maggie etc)feel free to post it

Please don’t include cheating regions lol

Edited title and post to be more clear

Troup 4-0
Dougherty 4-0
Barrow 3-0
Chatham 4-0
Warren 4-0
Houston 4-0
Colbert 3-0
Randolph 3-0
Webster 3-0
Habersham 3-0


This is from the most recent war. We were against 2 other regions. Sadly dont have pics of the first CRW but nearly same results

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I’ll update this list as more people post and try to keep it updated as more CRWs happen. I think it’ll be cool to see who the last undefeated region is

Great idea! It would be awesome if scopley made like a massive spreadsheet or something of the top factions and rep/war points overall, would be cool to look over.

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I think rep would be interesting, but overall less useful. To me, rep has always been one of those “oh cool, you’re top 10, meh” kinda things

Definitely not Escambia

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Why’s that?

Irwin has won both Cross Region Wars it’s been in so far. The first against Bryan, the second against McIntosh & Long.


Even our region bully got creamed, because they bullied the region into weakness.

Lowndes: 1-1

Still beat Coosa


Cool little piece for anyone wondering.


Y’all barely passed us lol, good job man


Wasnt with them then but thanks mate! At least this helps show which regions/top factions are where yknow?

Yeah, we got too 10 in the other as well, I just don’t have the SS anywhere

Who’s the Escambia bully?

Lowndes is incorrect. We haven’t won 1st place as in the factional ranking but we have gotten 1st place both times as in the regional ranking.

Ah okay, I was looking for 1 faction winning first overall. I edited it to be more specific and clear. Thank you!

Burke. Our faction took first overall in both wars, our region was first overall in both also.

But then, we didn’t come up against hackers. Just whales. Good clean competition.

Those screenshots didn’t come cheap.