Which faction is better?

  • Mad Hatters
  • Abusement Park
  • Neither they both suck

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I think the yellow’s dwarves is far far above these two facs

MH has challenged AP this CRW. Wait for a few days and you’ll get the answer.

They’re apparently merging with SB, it will be a majority SB players, minority hatters players. It’ll be interesting to see which poor souls get voted off the island.





Time will tell, but I’d put money on a massive influx of players from SB to hatters Friday evening. Do love me some gambling though

Oops meant to vote they both suck just for the joke

Mh are head and shoulders above SB so what you said doesn’t make sense. Many sb members have already transferred to new factions.

Instead of risking the money on gambling i would buy more coins


They’re both hurting for members following the last few wars and I don’t think hatters believes they can do it without them. There is also something to be said for one faction being stronger than another, doesn’t mean that all of their players are stronger than all of the other faction’s players. Like I said, time will tell. Tune in Friday for the next episode of days of our lives!



Insert giggly sticker here

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I watched this get added and i laughed lol.
Could also say insert this



Yesssssss :joy:

Tic Tac … did AP accept Mh challenge?


Not sure if misunderstanding clocks or bad breath. <3

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it might be bad breath come end of next war and no tictacs will help ;), but no it was meant to be the clock ticking and you still didnt answer my question please?

We’ve had plans and we continue to have plans(personally, I’ll be out of the country). Do you want to play us this weekend?

From what i know you been chasing MH the past month accusing them of dodging you guys i smell the ball has bounced. Are you dodging mh now?