Which event sucks more?

  • AOW
  • CRW

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The answer is simple mid tier factions will always prefer AOW whereas top factions will prefer CRW.

CRW has lower wait times and better rewards in general. Obviously scaling of the rewards is bad considering its 8 regions. They need to boost the rewards so someone playing even in the 25-40 bracket feels it’s worth their time.

AOW is extremely Boring. Long wait times. Most regions barely have 20 factions with more than 30 wars in a weekend. So it gets boring. Rewards usually are relatively crappy.


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Well mid tier factions make up the majority of the player base without us the whales would fight each other one time maybe and then whine about how they actually got competition then quit without us to beat up on and thus why their opinions are irrelevant and thus why it should be permanent AOW cause CRW just isn’t worth the effort

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Well mid tier and low tide is what you maybe confusing. Most low tier guys make up the most of the game I think. For example in my region you could say 6 to 8 factions haveb about 30+ wars and the remaining 20 factions have wars ranging 1 to 25. So the guys who put in 25 wars over 2 days are obviously the really casual players who don’t give a f*#k about the game… and those are players that are mostly always cribbing and make up a chunk of the player base… it’s kinda the same story in several other regions too

The ones who barely put in time and want shit for free.

Once again I think better rewards could make things better for both AOW and CRW

That’s debatable. Mid tier factions prefer the variety of teams in CRW instead of getting beat up by the same top teams in AOW, even though the rewards are worse in CRW.

I don’t understand the long que times in AOW. Go to a more active region. But I guess then they wouldn’t get the easy rewards in solo events. Can’t have it both ways.

Get to a more active region. Nice answer. Just because you are probably in an active region it seems the whole game is filled with active regions. Most regions today are probably the same as what I have stated except for a handful. There may be some degree of variation…

I have seen tables of data that have been shared and I know that there barely are any really active regions.

I certainly agree the topic is debatable and I for sure am on your side when it comes to facing the same bundle of double revive double shield teams over and over … it gets boring for sure.


@JB.Scopely can fix this issue Notorious and @Wanderer are clearly scared of no one unlike other top faction they should all be forced to move into a single region defined by weight class it would make the game more enjoyable for every player from casual to hardcore, f2p and p2p its already broken into leagues although that’s mostly activity and who has more cans but the data is somewhat effective when determining weight class make a diamond elitist region

We even have leagues to gauge weightclasses of factions…

Lots more regions need to be shut down to inbound transfers need to force ppl to move or quit only way to make regions more active even the high activity regions suffer as people can’t hack it and coast off to an easier region to get rewards easier…
Then they turn up on forums complaining about wait times why we needed mergers not migration

Well we’re getting AOW now, so its all abit academic which is better

Personally, i think CRW (8regions) should be the peak event, once a month, the other war event should be AOW you dont want to take the internal rivalry away, even if it has been diluted by transfers. or if activity is low, do a smaller version of CRW (2/3 regions)?

edit: Dont think its so much that the event sucks, its more that the prizes are poorly distributed


I prefer CRW because of shorter wait time and facing different factions. AOW is fun but wait times are so damn long and it gets boring beating the same few facs over and over easily. With CRW there are some really fun wars against great teams.

we have 5 fractions 20 frac good

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AOW to museum please

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25%??? I believe that is the percentage of that fraction.

Just make prizes better/spread across more places and do away w aow. Instead of first winning x prize, make 1-3 prize x. Instead of place 2 getting prize y, give 4,5,6 prize y etc. You can’t throw multiple regions into the same pool and hand out the prizes based off of final placement solely based on placement. My region might have less active factions so we may match 2x easier than what you’re may. If anyone but the top 5 factions felt like they were winning something maybe ppl would be more invested in crw

ahahhaha please

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I like both events. I like matching up against other regions to make me feel humble, then next time beating up on my own neighborhood and seeing how people have advanced their teams.

I’m in an upper mid tier faction. We’re not elite, but we’re not garbage.

She won! Without a doubt!
(Angela White)

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I actually wanted to use a different picture but I didn’t want it to be “censored”

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