Which event did these come from?

When I open them the bags, the boxes do not appear in my inventory. Support won’t help me unless I know what event they came from.

I think it was the 2nd black market event? The one where they messed up the toons in choiceboxes and have introduced a limited card trade…

Boxes in bags was Golden Kendama, I think

There was an issue with the bags in that event, you can see both versions here.

However, this was before Trader was released, so the box contents you show do not fit the event. In fact, that’s exactly the same kind of boxes that were handed out in milestones/ranks in last week’s blitz, and I’m fairly certain they were not available in this form before. This might be a display issue; check if you have boxes as described in the event post above.

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Those are the boxes we got from war this weekend.

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Looks like the blitz war bags.

When you open those bags, the crates are added to the war prizes from this previous weekend. You should see that crate stack increase

I had these boxes and didn’t get far in other events. The one day war this past weekend was dropping these as milestones and rank rewards.

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