Which Dwight is this?

Hey everyone. So, I have this list of future ascendables that was posted a while back, and I’m just trying to find out if the Dwight on that list is OG 5⭐️ Dwight or “A new threat” Dwight.

Thanks in advance for any replies. If it is, in fact, OG Dwight, and a leaked photo is available, would love a peek lol.

Think it’s new threat Dwight I’ve never seen any leaks for any other dwights.

But isn’t it weird that they worded things like that? The whole point of the list was to let us know which current 5 stars would be future ascendables … we all knew “A new threat” Dwight was going to be an ascendable.

Basically, he was ascendable the moment he was released.

It’s og dwight. He just hasn’t been made yet like red lori.


I really hope so. I have two of them lol. Not boasting, because I don’t have Connor, Gator, Siddiq, Lori, Rick, Kal or Aaron :frowning:

True i have no idea but saying Scopely wouldn’t do something because it doesn’t make sense, well that doesn’t make sense… lol

Og Dwight is the one toon I’ve always wanted but never got. Mainly because he completes 3 or 4 collections for me and now if he’s gonna be ascendable that will be another reason I’ll want him I suppose.

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Well here’s a few thoughts. In actuality we will need to wait and see.

  1. A new threat toons did not exist yet. So providing such a label may have been a undesirable by the developers

  2. OG Dwight has no title, s so he could also be an possible ascendable especially since these are the legacy Ascendance list.



I have some odd missing toons too lol. With all the pulls I’ve done, 5* Tokens I’ve used, Prestige Pulls, Monthly Pass Prize Boxes I’ve opened, and yellows I’ve ascended, I have yet to come across a single OG Yellow Medium Drop “Farmer” Rick.

He would unlock like 3 or 4 different museum collections lol.

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It’s kinda bizarre. I have sooo many toons

Also missing that dude too.

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When the new update is out of beta we should be able to get a chance at all the missing museum toons according to a post by the devs.

And speaking of the museum isnt it about time for some new collections to be added?


Got him from 30 day pass crate not too long ago

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This was my 5☆ token pull yesterday


Lol you’re evil :cry:

Take your pick! Got the first one in about October 2015 lol

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this confuses me as yes “New Threat” Toons do exist

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This was confirmed somewhere by Scopley


He means at the time of the original post containing the future ascendable there were no “new threat” toons. So the Dwight they listed could be the one we now have but they didn’t want to leak the name “new threat” or it could be the original Dwight. Since there is no card leaked its still speculation as to which it is and since Scopely is incapable of answering extremely easy questions most times we will just have to wait to see which Dwight they were talking about.

Really? I don’t recall Scopely ever confirming which Dwight they were talking about. Obviously I could be mistaken.

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Yeah, but I think it has to be OG Dwight. The list was posted so we knew which older toons we were supposed to hold onto. Why would they include the name of a toon that wasn’t even released yet? :thinking: