Which characters require comics to level?


I was just wondering if the Donny, Jesus, Zachary and Gabriel you get from Mueseum are like Andrea, in the sense that they need comics to upgrade a tier?

I realised it’ll take quite some time to Max my SC Andrea so thought it might be more practical to use the weekly comics to get some other characters then go back to her another day.

Nah, they need regular gear only to upgrade. This comics-for-toons exchange is a way to grab new members to Survival Club or make the current members more satisfied with different ways to spend the comics.

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Andrea need comics to upgrade ,for sure.

As far as i know, only andrea and julie are using comic book as requirement to upgrade

Slightly off topic, how many comics does each tier of SC Andrea cost to increase?

Same for Julie. They are the only toons that require comics currently

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