Which characters got the biggest boost with veteran rings?

I was just spot checking a few of my legendary characters and noticed the boost from 6* Tier 4 Level 90 to Veteran Level 30 varies rather wildly from character to character.

For example Abraham “Road to Survival” #3 has combined max base stats of a piddly 4433. If you dropped 30 rings on him he’d be up to 6370 for a difference of 1937. Of all the legacies I have that’s the biggest jump, but it still puts him quite shy of the best characters I have.

Donny for example maxes at 5416, but with rings tops out at 7177, for a difference of 1761, still well above Abe (started out just shy of 1000 diff and ended up just over 800)

I noticed that Romanov “Road to Survival” #3 has a boost of 1880 whereas Green Alpha only gets 1579 so despite having identical starting stats (4918), they end up separated by almost 300.

Any others stand out?

rise to power rick got a very big buff after veterans level. He originally only had 2015 atk 1400 def and a small hp pool of 1400 now he’s got nearly 3k atk 1800 def and hp.

Where can you check to see their max stats without using rings?

I don’t believe you can. Since the stupid rings were introduced the stats shown in the Ascendance Tower are stats with rings.

I think the only way we’ll be able to see the stats without rings is by having those toons in our rosters t4 maxed out without the rings.

Kind of stupid if you ask me. The veteran ring stats should be a separate button/option not the default.


I’d have to say Aiko (not even as a meme). Alerts don’t really put up much of a fight as they used to after ringing Aiko

Yes, it should be revised to show stats before and after veteran. Lady Geek is working on compiling a list of all 6* that shows this, so that’s something.

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