Which Characters do you want in Season 2's League Store?



New Legacy Ascendable

Road to Survival 1 Lori 6star
Make her revive toon plus Confuse and Def buff

In too Deep Michonne 6 star
Shield and Taunt and Hold the line

Survival Road Ezekiel 6 star
Stun and Decap and Atk Buff

Any existing hard to get semi F2P toons
Or has been in lucky draw
For example
Manga and Jesus Shield (6stars)



You can give up that’s your choice

And we will keep trying

We will ask for something we want
Nowadays people don’t even dare to dream?
Not even in a game world ?


true story


I want a 6* shield added. Idc about the rest lol they can put whomever they pls as long as one is a 6* shield. Bc a revive is kind of worthless without one. Jmo


Keep dreaming :cry: