Which Characters do you want in Season 2's League Store?

My 4 Favorites would be:

5* One = Yellow Sawyer
5* Two = Alert Andrea Made to Suffer" 2
5* Three = Fast Antonio
5* Ascendable = Ezekiel “Winter Edition”


5* red duane hold the line(6k)
5A koa(30k)
A Dissarm michone(18k)
5red Monica (8k)
Dual swords michone(6k)
5*Dual blue revive rosita (6k)


I hope priya stays i want a second one. but if she cant stay i want yellow sawyer or governor who has the machete that provides ap on the start of the battle

Correct answer: toons I already have

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5* Ascendable = Hunter
5* = Pam
5* = Rosa
5* = shield garrett

Would hope they have 2 new ascendables as they have this season, but a Blue & Yellow this time


I have 4 Priyas, let me send one to you.

I imagine they will have two League exclusive toons and one previous promo. Obviously I’d love red Madison to be that toon but not realistic compared to Kelly this season. So more likely a toon like a winter one other than Richard or Erika, but my offical guess is ascenable Laura


5 Star buff Heath (4k)
Ascendable Yellow Sandy (10k)
Whatever other new League exclusive ascendable

They wouldn’t out yellow michonne in cause they were selling her a while back with some year 3 token

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Yea mayby youre right.

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omg that sounds overpowered

you can want whatever you like but chances are you won’t like or want whats there

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Batman from telltale games :stuck_out_tongue:


2 new ascendable toons
Ascendable new threat alpha (12k)
Dual katana michonne (6k)
Carson life and death (6k)
Dwight call to arms (6k)
Cleaver Sawyer (6k)


I’m alittle sad I won’t be able to get Priya as I want to get Mirabelle…
Not sure I’ll make it as I got the green weapon and Eziekel.

I’d like Dev for 12k
Need a red tank

Erin, Rosa, Martinez, Antonio, would be cool also for 5*s
Of course new ascendable’s.

5 star ascendable Carol (Tough, would be a season 2 featured toon) 25k
5 star ascendable Martinez (Fast, season 2 featured toon) 15k
I would like to make stats for those guys I will if someone is interested cause I love making stats. Now onto the already existent 5 stars.

5 star ascendable Madison 12k
5 star Yellow Carson 6k
5 star Red Romanov 6k
5 star Dual Sword Michonne 6k


I only request one toon for next season, alert Shiva with double cannons. Make it happen lmao.


Would love to see a TellTale legacy toon

Ignore the green weapon, its a trap, stun is still the go to for green and while stronger trait isnt useless i think you would be better off grabbing Mira and Zeke if you can.

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