Which are your Top 10 Character Roster Pictures?


This are my Top Ten:

10. I really like her Innocent face and then she’s a Human Shield :grin:

9. He looks exactly like the Backstabbing prick he is.

8. Problably many People’s Favorit and he really does look cool.

7. His Hair Cut… Lovely

6. The Most loved one and many People’s Favorit. I can see why

5. Finally a Dale without a depressive face :grin:

4. Wanted her forever. And she doesn’t look bad either

3. If you thought Jackson or John were the coolest Bald Guys around you clearly haven’t met Knox

2. I’ve learn to hate her face back in 5* Days. Still looks really cool thought

  1. My Favorite Pick is at the same time one of my newest Additions to my Roster Museum. He really looks so freaking cool :smiley:


blue ty, red andrea (so cool), bluechonne, blue kenny, 6* dwight (don’t have him), blue alpha (don’t have her either :c )


I like 6* kale, and my most recent addition, yellow ascendable rosita


Top 5:


I’m not screenshotting, but I think blue flamethrower romanov looks nice.


Cuz his pornstache :slight_smile:

Every fucking Negan for his goddamn smile

And Ty for his “I’ll fuck you face”


All these op vegetable toons


5* Wanderer, 6* Wanderer, Green and yellow Mirabelle,


Did you catch the new ones from the fresh batch of leeks?


5 of my favorites.
Pocky since he’s camera shy.
OG Axel because his massive beard takes up like 70% of the card
Davie, because while Negan is good, Davie is the king of shit-eating grins
Tara, because I feel like she can see me through the screen and is judging me harshly
And Tyreese’s Pieces because he looks like a straight up psycho-path.


I really find the 3* Axel intresting. He really looks like a completly different person compared to the 4* and 5* Version.


6 star red jesus any negan hunter the wanderer 6 star green Bruce is my top 5


Somebody has a crush on Sandy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


How About you fix territory’s


Red Hershel, Blue Tyreese, Red Mirabelle, Green Bruce, Green Anna, Green Carl, Green Shiva, Blue Hunter, Red Rosita, and Red Gov (none of the are in order except Red Hershel, all of the are 6 stars/ascendables).


I love green Tyreese. He looks so pissed off, also Estella looks like she just saw some gross old dude at the mall peeping at her. Knox looks he’s about to fire somebody,


who doesn’t ? I’m gay and i think sandy is a rather fine looking lady. Very nice.


My Top 10 list is the 4 star Tyreese.


I would use Konrad if he wore his helmet