Which are dead regions


Which regions are dead regions so I know when I transfer not to choose a dead region


The true dead ones are closed regions, and outbound only.

A few open regions are going dead, like Webster, and a few others (can’t remember names off th top of my head)


Elmore will be dead


Marion dying alot of top players left after transfers


It was only after I left that I realised just how very far down that death path marion is


Wrexi isn’t lyin :frowning:


Webster got over 60 new members and 4 factions are moving here this week thats 120 more


I’m just going to stuck with ship I’m not in a mood to leave right now in Marion


When I checked in with Webster last week, they were dying. They were low pop. So terribly sorry


Time to get tf over their lmao jk it’s dead as fuck


You’re right ScreamQueen, last week. We’ve had a recent uptick in recruiting however that seems to be going well. That’s what Klakky was trying to say, unfortunately he was kicked from charm school pretty early on


Berrien on its deathbed also.


Wilcox is d.e.a.d


bartow died


Thank you for explaining that nicely, as I was only going what I saw last week, haven’t been back since (except yesterday to see if anyone had a spot, but have since decided to retire for a while)


Bartow is dying


Sorry to hear, especially after holding out so long in Sumter! (I think I remember you saying it was pretty tough there). If thing’s continue how they are doing there certainly will be no shortage of spots here in Webster, so feel free to pass by if you come back :slight_smile:


Thank you. I’ve had a few offers to transfer, just need a break from the game haha. Hoping it might get better lol


May well do once Transfers settle down and Leagues arrive. I’m personally comfortable with it being aggressively passable lol


Spalding is nearly dead