Which 6*s you regret to got ascended? If any

Is there any toon you wish you would never get ascended? A toon that made you disappointed after using it becasue you had higher expectations? (No matter if it was free or a Premier pull)

Or anything you ascended early, becasue you had no other options at that moment, and now it’s just a random 6*char you rarely use other than SR or roadmaps?

Personally for me yellow Negan was a bit like that. Even with abs def. I still use him here and there but his expected “awesomeness” are nowhere in raids teams. And never caused me any problem in other people teams either.

I have a few more ascendables which I’m not planning to ascend for same reasons. Like Yumiko, who is very low on my "list” for many reasons (except for some level up points one day). See her in raids convince me all the time, that I made a good decision when I did not ascended her.

I think not every 6* is that great at all, or some just simply doesn’t fit well with most people teams. Even a bunch of premier toon was overhyped, and when I see them in raids they doesn’t seems to be so useful to me.

So I’m just curious about your personal experiences :slight_smile:


Negan without a doubt. Pure trash


Agree with dwight… I don’t understand the regular attack thing. Also, Abe. Not because he’s terrible but I ascended him to try and win a level up and I have better toons waiting :joy::joy:

I would say Shane. But I never ascended him but I rek all the teams that run him.


Those poor souls who thought he would be good on defense.


I’m probably jumping the gun on my character but since I ascended Wyatt he seems to be the first to die he’s only in the second tier but I’m hoping to upgrade his weapon better that will help. It was him or Tyrese and I thought maybe the color mix up might be better for my team I’m not sure now

Will probably be Vincent. Yes, I’m focusing to get him instead of collecting wooden chips to exchange for gear, but still, I need more Fast Legends.

But I don’t expect much from Vincent due to the lack of healing or attack/defense buffs, but he seems good with the high damage output and debuff cleansing. Who knows?

:fast: Negan :expressionless:


I ascended him, but mainly because I know there’s few in my region who have him, and would rather see if a rarer 6* is more helpful.

I have two Ty’s waiting, and see enough of him to know what I’m getting if/when I decide to ascend him. I also hate having the same team as 90% of the rest of people.

I’ve ascended 10, and have no regrets.

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I’ll stay positive
. I forgot to add I was wondering if Wyatt was related to Edwards. I smell too many carnations to remember if I asked

For me its yumiko and Abe. Yumiko I didnt regret at the time when I didn’t have many ascendables and she did help with raiding for what she is worth but she just doesnt do the job as fast as I need her to comparing her to dwight and tyresse do. Abe is someone I really thought would be good the only down side I had agasint him at the time was he does line damage but at least it was for 2 turns so not to bad either. Where abe failed for me is that he just isn’t as Tanky as he looks on paper going agasint in many different scenarios ive fought him in he just is too easy to deal with. Both yumiko and abe is in a tower/territories team.

Only if you didn’t pull for hershel

Running what i got right now…either Wyatts a focus or the last to die. Ive been pulling a nasty amount of timeouts recently though. Ap down, 30 def, Huge on attack and rush 9 active 5 or 6 (2 turns turn 2 taunt, whichever lv that is) at max t3. He isn’t the worst option available out there.

Abraham. I wish I kept his 5* version for faction assault, hemorrhage is op


Most bosses are 100% hemmo resistant so dont regret it.

Abe is better suited for combination style defenaes, which the current meta doesnt allow due to the sheer absurd amount of zekes running around.

We just did the tier 5 Faction Assault today, and I bring Hemmo Maggie against Tara (phase 4-5)… was fun to see ~3500 bleed on last few rounds :smiley: So it definitely useful

BTW, thanks for all the input here. I think i am definetly on the same page with most of you. Many of these 5*s sitting in my roster, and I simply don’t want to waste on them when I see them during raids. So your answers just convincing me more not to touch them until I really need some extra point in a level up or wait for better ones.


Honestly, I was sure to avoid ascending my Barker and Vincent, but I think I might regret Wyatt. The 76 ar + loss of taunt + forced weapon + needing to max out ar to be useful makes him require a lot of work compared to his 5 star.

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I would say the lack of diversity to make teams out of creativity has been biggest issue. So really not matter what it’s beatable just make take longer to beat tanky teams. Melee is solid but doesn’t hit hard range are squishy but hit super hard. With that being said I think the buff made any strategy nil. I can take a Yellow team all blues which wouldn’t happen before yellow would slice blues up. So I don’t really regret any of them per say because I can find use for all of them. War isn’t the only aspect of the game so a toon I use every single day is just as imortant even not making my defense or raid squad. But the least used toon is yumiko mainly because her rush isn’t maxed. If we had more options for trainers I think maxing all my current toons would make them all usable in different setups.


It doesnt help that tys rush can pop so damn quick built right that at t4 even with a carl lead those yellows drop dead with 1800-3k damage based on weapon stats.

Its my favorite way to remove negan’s because hes such a stall out

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Barker, ascended him early when there weren’t many other options. I’m not sure hes good enough to warrant dumping the amount of resources into his weapon required to make him good. If I get lucky with his weapon I may find a spot for him.

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