Which 5* toons of my team are good?

I have 13 5* (F2P) and I don’t know If I should level them up or just sale it to the depot.
I’m a little bit rusty since 2016 and I don’t know the meta.

Just tell me if they’re good or not

  1. Darlene
  2. Yellow Rick (We find ourselves)
  3. Ascendable yellow Morgan
  4. Aiko
  5. Blue Romanov
  6. Red Romanov
  7. Yellow Clementine (not ascendable IDK if there are others).
  8. Blue Governor
  9. Blue Karlson
  10. Yellow Victor
  11. Oberson
  12. Andrea (SC)
  13. Jesus (SR)

I’ll keep romanovs for profile pict lol

By default and for points the ascendible are needed, so Aoiko and Morgna, then Darlene, Yellow Victor, Blue Romanov and Jesus.

By the way the 5* are almost useless as the 4* in 2016… so better start participating

Let’s go into depth a lil’ bit.

  1. Darlene- Useless besides SR, I guess
  2. Rick- Lead skill is great for SR
  3. Morgan- Decent. Apparently one of the “worst 6*s” but better than most 5 stars
  4. Aiko- Anime
  5. Blue Romanov- Useless
  6. Red Romanov- Useless besides decap or a profile pic
  7. Clem- good Carl replacement
  8. Gov- Maybe, just maybe used for tower teams?
  9. Karlson- Useless
  10. Yellow Viktor- 45 AP, Defense down for 3 turns? Godly
  11. Oberson- Trash
  12. Andrea- if you don’t have the means to max her, discard her.
  13. Jesus- Pretty bad, revive and MAYBE lead skill are his only good points

I forgot about my Green Riot Gear Michonne (Rush deals 800% damage). What do you think about her?

Tbh if you havent played since 2016 id keep them unless an ascendble pops up in depot. I cant imagine you have many 6* if any. You need something to fight with. Do sr you will get a mission after 150 stages for a choice of a free ascendable. Make sure you try and participate in as much as possible. There’s also a crate with medals in sr. Not alot but if you get it daily it adds up

Careful breathing the word anime will spook @GHOSTONMETOAST

Not that good, Aiko is much better. Waste Not > Life Steal

What have you done?? You have summoned his soul from the depths of No-Anime Land!! RUN


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