Which 5*s are worth keeping

I’ve been trying to keep 1 of each & use duplicates to ascend but I’m getting a slight back log.

I’ll keep the ascendables for levelling up in the future… maybe.

I only started playing as S class came out so I dont know which are worth keeping & quite frankly I dont have the patience to go through them all considering I may only use them once a week for old school.

Green Michonne (A larger World) is still useful of walker levels of nightmare SR
SR Zeke - not sure if he’s one of yours or not but a good heal/buff toon
Rocket Abe - Still my tower taking toon during wars
Rick (safety behind bars) - useful crit lead and healer
Negan (Limited edition) - again not sure if he’s one of yours but I use as mt Old School lead
Kate - never used her a lot myself but highly spoken of by the community

Worth keeping a few of each trait for the 5* only maps and or old school


Keep the ones u use in 5* arenas, I keep double or more of the ones I use in 5* arenas for endurance.

I er, was using ones like Priya, Mercer as I knew them. I’ve upgraded them recently so I kinda just hit auto fill & use whatever comes up.

Here’s 5 worth keeping :wink:


I’d say whispers into screams Jesus over sandy


I use either. Her collateral damage can be very useful against modded tanky def teams.

blue disarm michonne and shield Konrad are good for old school

also blue Tripp (cure all status) and blue revive Rosita (double revive)

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That’s a point. You cant use Docs active in old school, howd you manage a t1 team?

5* are 45ap, you just need ap weapons e ap leader.

Narrowed it down to these 3 as potential old school team leader.

Bit meh about Javier as hes strong only.

Negan looks good though coz of the ap.

You can use them all depending with who… I use Negan in domination but I keep all them to use in endurance if need.

Most 5* that can be eventually turned into an S class will also be useful as a 5*.

Yellow command characters will always be useful because they can hold an 8% AP weapon.

Any character that can AoE at 44 or 45 AP will probably be useful at some point.

Revives will always be useful for 5* Roadmaps.

Any 5* with lead skill +atk and huge/very large AP gain on attack will be useful.

Human shield will be useful for 5* Roadmaps.

Edit: took out reference to green Rick; he doesn’t have an 8% weapon.

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Rick doesn’t have ap wep as five star

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