Where's the war?

Why is war taken off for next week? Am not interested in shitty weekend solo level up stop killing the one fun thing in this game!!!


Oh no don’t say it’s cancelled :pensive:

Geez your right it’s not on calendar :pensive:

Yep and no reason why only to suck our enjoyment of this crap game :roll_eyes:


Calendar is always subject to change as easily as it’s taken off it could be put back on

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Eh so they say but probably won’t put it back on

Any news @GR.Scopely :man_shrugging:t3:


Didn’t we have war last weekend? Don’t think they intend to run this each weekend.

Or was it on the calendar and got removed? I haven’t paid super attention to that tbh :blush:

It was never there

Yeah I mean next weekend is just solo level up and should be war


I will be honest war is boring and at the moment one of the worst events in the game for me so honestly with the be toons I have gained I would probably prefer a level

Like there isnt already solo lvl up starting for next 3 days…


No war, couse dev, are working to do more op s class

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Yeah fair enough war isn’t as fun as it used to be but still best event for most ppl. Who actually loves a solo level up event? :joy:

I think I took it a bit extreme but you get my point

they did not even give war token bags or crates this time around in shop for folks who were close to one last war pull, i don’t think they care about wars now tbh, its just about dropping mega toons for whales to spend on before each war and swimming in money.


Couldn’t agree more :+1:

Bags was at shop, but only douring war And 1 day after. And tokens amount at bag was crazy low

i saw the dollars one, not the coins one
was the lowest amount in bags below 50 coins?

21 solo level up days in a month… that’s crazy. Why not a regular blitz war upcoming weekend? Only level ups these days.

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