Where's the war wheel?

+20 velvet cake collections and stupid red velvet cakes sitting n my inventory in thousands batches. 2 months not having a character via war. Not in the right bucket cause even I do pull on not completely stupid toons I never get the toon to claim a collection


Only one I had was Mercer from a war wheel, I’ve had none of the others

Scopely just tryna get money

War Wheel will launch for the Nov 1 War.


Should have an option for people to trade there velvet cakes for a war wheel token pull cause I’m over 1600 velvet cakes and can’t uae a damn thing since I have none if these fcking toons thats released


It’s almost like they’re intentionally picking toons that suit a certain bucket. The strong get stronger and the gap widens.


I could use a tank like mercer. He’s good as fuck.


how did you know bud ?

Right here mate War Campaigns and War Rewards Update

He’s annoying af on defense, sadly most of my toons are shitty for defense

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There are days I wish I picked James, but Christa is useful too, I guess


Why did scopely press the fat ass buff button on james.

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they want people to regret choosing Christa, I suppose


Who need war wheel when you can get kapoor for free :slight_smile:

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exactly how i feel, dont matter if you done 100+ pulls back in the day trying to get them, the lucky always get more in this new meta of red cakes.

War has been ONLY for paying customers as of late. i couldnt imagine being a FTP seeing all these collections where only 2 toons have been free toobtain(with activity ofcourse)

What 2 toons have been free? Mercer? He was in a war wheel, if they don’t want you to get good toons you kept pulling Vincents or Jeremiahs, they were attainable for free for a few, free toons are the ones that are available for everyone, like Michelle or this new Michonne

One thing is a few didn’t have to pay for certain toons that doesn’t make them F2P though

I still think scopely is milking the whales til enough people quit so they can shut the game down even tho it wouldnt take much for them to even the playing field out even tho it seems like they “trying” to improve the game they are half assing everything cause something always goes wrong when they release something. they just dont care about this game anymore even tho they have a good fun game or should I say I use to have one til they stopped caring

I think Bruce Allen Cooper was another and someone else …

Realistically they should Add 1 promo and 1 free toon each week

something like yellow Kal because they had a hardon for releasing him in every wheel

I agree and having one would stimulate us to spend in the other soon to be outdated 6s crappy toon

You need to spend some money and get into a better bucket bruh.