Where's the story map?

What time does the story map open? Normally on Sundays there’s a story map of some kind. I thought it was up by now or are we not getting one today?

They forgot to press the button again idk lol normallt things start at 10am my time as this is when scopes is at work but their roadmaps have been all over the place as of late and id like the story roadmap as i actually like them and like to get screenshots of things they say in game

Was pretty sure they weren’t supposed to start 4 hours ago :joy:

Too busy changing code from cr w to aow

They started at like 3am or something my time, being im in the same state as scope hq i usually have a good hand on when things start but this was “late” according to their normal release of this roadmap from the past and i dont expect it to be the end as they have not given roadmaps, started them super late we get 12 hours to finish or they run double of the same roadmap lol safe to say scopes is a mess

On the potomac…been up for 6 hours now.

These threads constantly show how people have no patience.

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buy a bigger buttttttooooon

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