Wheres the Shiva Force?

We have all of the “Lucille Team” or whatever they were called, now where are the 6* Shiva Force? The only one we have is Ezekiel, but we still have three more toons to go. Just wondering why they haven’t been give the golden ticket to 6* stardom? I feel like this goes without saying, but if it’s a work in progress, they need to be super bada$$.


What about the 2 6* shivas, are any from the collection?

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Shiva force toons are in 5* tokens so no1 will pay for them besides zeke he isn’t in there

Bsck when the “shiva force” came out, i thought that if i got all of them, i would be unstoppable.

Boy, times sure have changed.

The Shiva Force & Lucille Patrol stories were never finished.
Shiva Force Ezekiel & Shiva came out with a 6★. Shiva Force Jesus, Shiva Force Rick & Shiva Force Michonne didn’t get this special treatment. Then the Lucille Patrol came out all of them with 6★’s.

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