Where's the gold walkie talkies?


So let me get this straight, there’s a gold mod radio roadmap but no way to get gold walkie talkies? Way to go once again scopely. Smh way to keep us actual players happy. :+1:


It’s up for people who missed the first map. I bet if you had missed the first map and didn’t get to use your walkie you would still be complaining


They gave one away two days ago. Everyone I know received one in the offers, a message was sent to my inbox about it as well as everyone else I know.


I’m aware they sent out a free one but why send just one out then don’t give an option to buy talkies when there’s another road map.


Why would you want to buy a gold radio and then have to use time and energy to run a map for a single gold mod when you could just buy one for $10 and save the time and trouble? Do you think the gold radio will be cheaper than that? I doubt it.

This roadmap is a complete waste of time. The gold radio should have been for 6-star gear. The silver should have been redone for 5-star gear and you can slap whats there now into the bronze map. Then they could have offered the gold radio as event rewards but nope we get a stupid single gold mod map that they could have just placed into the regular roadmap area. Smh.


I agree, but having more mods wether you get shitty ones or not is still better than nothing


Very true. I guess we will have to wait and see how much they charge for one. If it’s near or the same cost as just straight up buying a mod then this roadmap makes zero sense. In all honesty, there is no way I am paying for either of them. I can wait for an opportunity for a free one.


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