Where's the armory parts road maps, bruh?


It’s been way too long since an armory parts road map has been out.

And don’t start with me about all of the items we get when we go up a player level. I cashed in 10x giant piles of garbage with what I got from hitting level 110.

If you want to have good weapons and you’re not the lucky group that blinks once and gets a stun gun, then you know you have to constantly be crafting. We need more PKs and Tapes for more opportunities to fail some weapons… and subsequently die a little more inside.

We need an armory parts map STAT.



Oh, I’m almost at my next 15 stabs to the heart… and I fly through tapes and PKs way faster than leveling up to the next level. We’ve also been without SR tournaments, which offer a lot of XP. There’s also been a ton of road maps lately, that pull away from solely focusing on player level.

Would you prefer to NOT have a parts road map come up?