Where's our free gold?

Where is it? Cmon, man.

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In the store and roadmap

Still didn’t get mine and there’s no roadmap.

I got the roadmaps but not any offer

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There’s no gold in the store

I just got mine… was at the front of it. Give it a couple minutes

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I had a gold walkie from years ago so I was able to unlock the map early, lol

So at 60 remaining days . It takes 14 bars a day to max it at the end …

Wait a bit. In the past, daily rewards came in at 8pm est. The daily tokens we get now are coming in at 4pm est, so who knows.

Is this sarcasm or i miss something

Not gotten any free bar offers at all since it went live only the roadmap.

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Try logging out and then come back in. Free gold bar offer and gold radio pops up, then two roadmap stages will appear. You’ll actually have more gold than you need to collect the toons.

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