Where's my bronze radios?

After I did the patch 10.0 update with new roadmap 2.0 my bronze radios seem to have disappeared… Why are they gone without notice?


Mine are missing from the roadmap as well. They are however still in my inventory so maybe it’s no longer an everyday thing?

Guessing you are not in the beta. It will once 10.0 goes live.

There are still in your inventory

It’s not beta its a public release

Update is live for all? Can’t see it in play store

No sorry I’m mistaken it’s only beta

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On 10.0+ it now only displays keys relevant to any active dungeon that uses them. If none of the active dungeons use keys you have, they won’t display there.

You guys just got tired of people asking where are the gold radios were at. Admit it. :rofl:

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