Where's kookland?

Has any noticed since kookland shared the bucketgate article he’s been missing?

Even his account is locked. Did scopley pull a Hillary on him?



Rip the real legend of RTS.


He’s been around, and he makes the rare appearance like a true legend should.

He quit. Pops in every now and then. I think he was one that took the Sept 26th deadline as an end date

U believe he commented in the playersunited thread a couple days ago.

His account is not locked. He changed his profile picture to that, and he’s had his profile hidden since as long as I can remember. Like someone else mentioned, he’s been around. It’s a fact of gaming, some people move on. I’m both happy for them and sad when it happens.




There he is lol! I gotta say bud, I miss your positive nature

Particularly when interviews are published from the games VP of monitization stating that the RNG odds are falsified and all events are designed to work like a hampster wheel to amp up spending.

@kookland, smartest guy in the room


He retired, a very wise man compared to us chumps

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@kookland ended up outsmarting everyone. :wink:


Kookland is like jun from halo reach. A stealth expert.

I left this game around the same time,moved to Fifa mobile ran by EA. Mother of all shockers!
even EA mobile is better than scopely, considering Fifa mobile is known an embarrassment nowadays in the football gaming community for its blatant greed and lack of quality. I finally settled with Pes 2020 mobile by Konami, a good game where the most part of the game including top “toons” are grindable and the game overall enjoyable for F2p.

Kookland was indeed smart.


He got raptured i think

Here’s another one? Why is there no sc collection?

There’s a crate with Diego and Harrison in it for 50 comics. That’s premo stuff right there lol!

I already redeemed diego, guess I’m going to have to wait till next one lol

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