Wheres everyone @?!

you know where your not @? posting @ in any chats of bb in RTS! what the heck is wrong with you? who in their right mind sat there in the brain storming meeting and said,
“hey, the users really want more unique rewards, better events, us to not put out stashes with 0% chances at things, promo cards with old details regarding the last promo and so much more…”

“yes, BUT, we should instead censor words. and the @ symbol… there are SOOOO many nefarious things that can be done with it… like telling your faction, hey, the raid starts @ 5pst… or hey, my email is xxxxx@xxx.com… those pesky kids and their meddeling @ sign too…”

idk about you and i may not be hip to the lingo of the whippersnappers now of days, but what the heck could just a plain simple @ sign mean??? please enlighten me oh all knowing and hollier than though scopes.

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i cant say You… why cant i say you?

I think I had a stroke while reading this.


Yeah,I ain’t feeling so good.

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No wheel update either

why so dumb for scopes?


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