Where would be the easiest place to acquire guardian glenn from?

I’m aware he’s not really relevant anymore, but I’d like to get him for SR.

He is very much relevant… provided a stable member to my last attach and def team. Awesomeo toon.

In answer to question tho not sure think only from premier wheel… tho couod be wrong

Guardian Glenn?

Didn’t believe I could ever pull him but 1 1/2 weeks ago I got him from the 5* toon wheel.

Yes. He wears a cap and uses a wrench.

Hes in 5* tokens


Supply depot

Yellow Glenn does that ring a bell?

Ah yes the one with the vest right?


Oh yellow Glenn, he’s on the 5s wheel

Got him from 5* recruits wheel. Good luck on pulls :wink:

When he first came out I wanted him but never got him til a week ago from the 5* tokens. I just got him ascend and bam, I got another one. Figures

Got two from 5* tockens

I haven’t used him for a while on attack and a month or 2 in defence, but he was a staple of both my attack and defence teams for a long while. GS2, health over time, AS health boost, abs def already included. Pretty decent.

ask scopely, create a poll asking people how much they would pay for.him

get people to vote 50 bucks

he should be.on offer the next day

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