Where to get the H letter?

Anyone know how to get this?

You have to spend money for quills. Or spend money for random pulls.

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Wait. Seriously? So, they made two of the letters free to play to obtain but the last one must be pay to obtain?

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That’s why it’s called Premium missions they expect people to spend on the remaining letters


Survivors club got a quill it only cost $24.99 a month

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So… will it even be possible to obtain princess if you do half milestones of each event + get all the teddies from the normal missions? Or will you need to do at minimum 3rd place on all events + all but the last milestones to get S class princess?

Their gonna add silver quills in level ups.

S class you’re probably going to need to be buying the quills to be completing all the premium words and doing that arrow map every time it refreshes

The first 6* Princess should be available to everyone and the second will require a grind but it looks doable

The only letters that will be given away for free were T I N S E L anything else is a premium collection which means pay up

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Yeah, I didn’t notice the “Premium” part till they mention it. That sucks.

Only? Not sure three months of a Netflix subscription deserves the words only. Cancelled survival club long ago then benefits just arent worth it

Yep they’re going to sucker you into doing the missions and then when you finally get to the end they’re going to pull the you must pay if you would like to get a reward.

Welcome to the new modified manipulative gambling technique that they have fine-tune over the last 3 to 4 events and they continuously do nothing but monetize their game in every aspect of the way the only way that you were going to get anywhere is if you pay them money but that’s only a chance.

Dude netflix is like $20 a month

And SC is 24.99$.

Dude where is your Netflix from? Lol mines free with my cable bill and even before that it was only 9.99

Unbelievable that there is no way to complete any words without spending. Total bullshit. Another complete ■■■■■■■ fail by greedy asshats that run scopely games into the ground. 100% disappointed in this “Christmas” event. Good job morons…

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You get Netflix for free thru your cable bill lol that’s the same thing as getting free pulls from having a survivors club membership

Lmao if only I was in the club…