Where to get road cans

Ive got a few, I have no idea how I got them. I can’t think of anywhere I see them available either.

Should probably figure this out before the end of roadathon lol

I hate Sr with a passion, only place really to get them is in the shop👍


What @Lostboy1 said, in the shop either for coins or real moola.

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Depends how much you want to fight for tires. I’ll probably just take top 50s and Roadie and some Alpha cards

You used to get a can or two in level ups but they have been almost purely to buy since then. Got some as comp for hell gate I think.


They were in the black market too some event ago in a choice box with all the other kind of cans
Now there’s 1 can for 25 tires (not worth)

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They also used to be in milestones in level ups… feels like so long ago now but was probably only around a year or so

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Oh yeah I did buy a few of those

Yeah, that was the commissary event I think.

SR cans are generally rare, but they do appear on occasion. There’s sometimes one in weekly missions, there were several in the stash during the Summer Beach Bash event, etc. Right now you can get some in the Black market for steering wheels (although if your goal was to use the cans to get more steering wheels, it might not be the most effective strategy)

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In general there is a huge gulf in the number of road cans I have compared to all other kinds. It’s almost a 10x difference

Seems like a point an update could balance…

True, but you know how Scopes would read that?

Drop rate of world and raid cans needs to be heavily nerfed.




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All cans to the league store please @Parker🤗

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Gotta pay for sr cans even tho alot are using up and spending on cans for 1 point each this event is stupid imo

Replace the horde cans with a can choicebox in the league store

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I can’t believe horde cans are still around.

I was a fan of the horde event, probably the unpopular opinion here, but it gave out rewards like candy.

Nope. It only shows that people exactly do what Skopelie wants them to do. Spending, even though it’s kinda really a waste since rewards aren’t that good.

I liked it myself. The premise was quite good, but the cards mechanics a bit awkward… still, I’d rather have it in its former form than not at all (remember that lower leagues had number of 6* restricted to 2 only? Why not make it universal regardless of rules?)

I used to come out of that event with millions of food I could stash in energy drinks. I didn’t have to think about food for a long time because of horde mode.

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