Where to get Guardian rick

Can anyone confirm if it’s possible to get guardian rick from ascension please let me know

I am not sure, but I wouldnt waste ascendance medals & legendary medals to ascend 4*’s in hopes…its rng based & absolutely no guarantees. I believe he is still in the 5* wheel. They recently updated the 5* wheel & prestige recruits…look to see if he is still there.

Like everywhere


Thank but I did look in the prestige wheel and I didn’t see him

You can definitely get him from ascending 4* I just got a second one the other day ascending. But as someone said it’s hard to count on that. People have asceded nearly 100 times and not gotton who they want. Donny comes to mind.

Ok thank bro I just wanted to know so can try from time to times

Good luck!


I got him from a 40 pull on the premier wheel.

really guys? why on earth did you :black_flag: me?
i just said where i got him omg


Will try

50$ offer on the way .

Here is a list to find certain characters, you can indeed get him through ascending a 4*… with a little luck from the RNG gods :grin:


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Thank bro

He is a bonus available toon in all promo wheels too

I have no really luck when pulling

Yes thats the problem but when you got him you get to many after.

Ok will try my luck thx again

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