Where to find specific characters

Hey guys, not sure how to put this so I’m just going to waffle a bit.

I saw one of the leaks of ascendable Eugene today (pretty sure that’s old news) and he looks like he would be useful to my roster and gameplay style. I want him when he becomes available, so I went over to the “future ascendables” thread ( Ascendance List [Posted 10/2017] ) and worked out that he will come from “No turning back” Eugene. Sweet, it’s a legacy character, so I should be able to get him through ascendance. So I checked my spreadsheets:

Nope. Not there.

I know that Kal was an exclusive war reward, but he’s a legacy character that will be ascendable soon. I guess Eugene may be in the same boat, but I don’t know for sure and I’m not sure where else to look for information.

Question: how does one acquire Eugene “No turning back”?

Also, characters in the museum have a “where to find” button, but how does one find the same information for those not shown there? Is there a search function, in game or on the forum, to see character cards (like at the monument to legends) but also see how to access that particular toon?

I realise there are wikis, but they frequently fall out of date.

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Kal was a premeir recruit he was never a war reward. Eugene was a war reward multiple times for different places though. I don’t think either of them are available through ascendance of a 4 star or 5 star recruit tokens. I’m not sure about the 5 star tokens though Eugene may be in there, I know the blue one is but it’s the red war prize one that is going to be a 6 star at some point.

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Kal was a level up reward a few months back iirc.

That’s right I forgot about that.

I took second.


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Was he 2nd or 1st? Lol

He was the prize for 1st.

Why would they bother to waste time on making ultra rare 5 stars that very few people have ascendable. Oh yeah so they can basically make the majority of people have to pay to pull for them and at the same time say they are making our current 5 stars ascendable.

The next batch of current ascendables should all come from the depot toons and the sr toons. It would really go a long way to help the f2p players stay viable. Not everyone can afford to pay for toons.


Yea i agree. I used to spend so I have a lot of premeir 5 stars but quit spending because they were made worthless when 6 stars were released and then buffed. I hope all or most of the old toons that are already scheduled for release are added to the 5 star token wheel or there is another way to get them for f2p ppl.

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I remember that levelup :stuck_out_tongue:

It was supposedly only in September, feels like a lot longer ago than that.

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Great idea. They really need to rework the wheels. The 5 star token wheel is so full of crap the chances of getting a good toon is almost zero. Why not have multiple wheels that use the same tokens. Like a wheel with only toons from each color. This way we still probably wont get the one we want but at least we get one we might be able to use. A wheel with just the f2p 5 star ascendable toons. This would be a step in the right direction in my opinion.

I would spend if I didn’t know just how bad the odds are of getting anything decent in the game. I can’t justify dropping $100-500 even on a toon I would love to have. Not saying others can’t I know its not for me to say what people do with their money.

Yea i wish I had spent less but no use crying over spilled milk lol. And the 5 star wheel is awful I never get anything good I’ve started saving for multiple pulls at once in hopes that I’ll get 1 good toon out of however many I can save(usually 3-6 at a time before I lose my patience and say fk it).

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Yeah but at the time you had no idea about the 6 stars and how they would make your current roster instantly obsolete.

Lol. That is so funny I did the same thing to. The plan was to save all my 5 star tokens until the they updated the wheel. When I hit 4 I couldn’t help it and I pulled.

Not bad considering the current state of the wheel. Sure none are useable for war or raids but how many 5 stars are these days.

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Shiva force Jesus is pretty good I think I wouldn’t mind getting him since he’s one i don’t have.

There are a bunch that are not through ascension. In my mind that’s OK. Some will benefit occasionally from historical purchases which is good.

That being said as long as they don’t all go that’ll way game will be fairly healthy diversity wise.

To actually answer your question, the only way to acquire a certain character is through your various depots, elite character token pull, 5* token pull, prestige token pull, or ascending.

Obviously you checked that he’s not on the ascendable list so that’s out. He’s not in any depots so that’s out.

There is a list that kalishane made on who’s on the 5* and elite char wheel. Eugene is not on the 5* wheel and I’m pretty sure he’s not on the prestige and elite char wheels.

So the answer is, those are the places you can get 5* and if they’re not there, you just have to hope that Scopely offers an alternative way of getting them.

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Yeah its called premier recruits. They are more than happy to offer you an extremely small chance for a large amount of cash at any new 5 star ascendable or 6 star toon. :wink:

Some times in stashes too. Like this beauty we have now. Over 200 bucks for a 6 star Shane. Sign me up!

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whats the blue eugene called

There are way too much unaviable characters Right now. Even some from Museum collections and 4* Allen

Some characters are not obtainable at any given moment, but are available on occasion through events or certain promotions. A good example of this would be fast 3 Star rosita, who was available in a premium crate once and has not appeared since.