"Where to find" option open to ALL toons! (sort of...)

The “Where to find” option has been virtually nonexistant outside the museum much to the disdain of collectors like myself, until now. Buried in the attack logs of horde mode is the usual team display, but when selecting a character rather than going straight to the character screen there’s a 2nd option…

This also works on offense logs. Example:

Upside: we can now use this on any character! And with the recent unclear ascension pool update some oldies might be back.
Downside: We have to either have them already or find some that does and is willing to throw a match by putting them on defense.

That second part is the intention of this thread.
If you want to find someone, post a request down below.
If you want to help someone find a character, check if you have them and if so put them up on your defense, wait to get squashed, check the log, get back to the person and earn some good karma.

Tagging everyone else that’s a collector since they’re most likely to have requests and large rosters. @Dr.Mekar @DragonPry @BOBULANCE @Mamadeadhead

Important things to note: This option does not list the depot unless they’re up that week/season, training grounds*, probably missions(?) and possibly a few others. I’ll run some tests on my end and see the limits of it. When checking a 6 star it only includes that six star version rather than the 5 star one too, so most legends will appear to be unavailable since only their epic version is in pools.
*I don’t think training ground have been updated in awhile, so the pool listed here is probably still correct.

Guess I’ll get the ball rolling on requests. Larry. I’ve only ever seen him in the depot locked behind prestige 12 and I hope I don’t have to wait another 2 years to get there.


Got dummy team with a few characters people might be interested in up. Now I wait to get my ass smashed.

Hit me daddy. :tired_face: :eggplant: :ok_hand: :heart:

Also occurs to me that the Knowledge Library is gonna want to get in on this. I believe that’s @Justin’s domain but he seems to be kinds somewhat dead. I’ll see if I can get into their Line chat.


I’m also waiting to be attacked in my second region. Want to find out about Rose and Red Jesus, aswell
as Green Madison in another Region where the Event still isen’t running.

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I can already tell you that bazooka Abe isn’t in the tower (I faced someone that had him)
I have some unascended toons (among others) I can try and see if they made their way into ascendance

:eyes::eyes::eyes: at the park but I’ll be back later with a list :eyes::eyes::eyes: thank you this is great!!!

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Doesn’t seem to include the wheels or the museum. Lists blue Tyreese as ascendence but not on a wheel. Doesn’t show Violet as being anywhere when she’s in the museum collection. Is this because I’m looking at the 6* versions and the wheel and museum ones are 5* versions?

Yeah, that’s probably why.
Here’s a legend Ty from an attack I did:

And here’s the 5 star version from the museum:

As for him being listed as being in ascendance for his 6 star version to you I think I found out why. If you have a 5 star ascendable it will read their 6 star version as available through ascendance. For example I have an Epic Donny and it reads a legendary one as in ascendance to me, but probably not to you and vice versa for Ty.


I looked at that Maggie before in an attack, she isn’t on the ascending list.

Eric and Douglas say not available. Are they removed then? Kenny shows not available and he’s on a wheel.

are you looking at the 6 stars versio?

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Make sure you’re looking at the 5 star versions. Kenny and Eric are still displaying correctly from their museum collections.

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Results from my dummy team.

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Can confirm.

For the record