Where the s class toons be at?

So like @GR.Scopely what’s the tea?
Also including you @TayTron I know your skulking around


It’s people like you that give the forums a bad name, just chill the f out. Compete in war and stop looking for things to complain about.

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He is asking for info not complaining it’s people like you who give this forum a bad name


Not complaining just asking for the tea on these upcoming s class toons


The Gold Brick Roadmap is still on, but not the Knife Collection, idk why and still no confirmation on new S Class


Shut up.


Moan moan moan that what you’re doing


Best worst thread of the day! Congrats!

this was my reaction to waking up and there being no new Sclass collections


Will probably drop after this garbage Harvest event is over.


Monday most likely. Just get the knives and we can tier one them right away i think

After war or after harvest event.

Has it been confirmed which toons? I’ve seen a few rumours but nothing definite.

So far we have 4 toons
2 strongs
Marlon and rosie, Mateo

Princess, Mercer, Frost, Angel.

1 of these might be in the collect. While the rest might be just staying there

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Ok thanks. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Think it’ll be a tough choice, assuming it’s the same format as james/christa

You forgot Adam.

And also the fact that there isn’t necessarily a link between toons pushed in the game and ones which will be released soon.

He’s not s class.

I hope they have Yellow and Blue. I’d Take Angel and S-Class yellow Violet

They haven’t made a f2p yellow yet.

ik but they should. we only have reds so far. I’m close to free Pete only 500 blue keys more