Where the hell are Hordes Events?!?!?!

this is hilarious haha, its a game mode, people that dont like can literally ignore it and play the game as they are used to pre hoards lol.

its like saying people stopped going to Mcdonalds cause he started serving coffee… ummm dont drink it lol

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Agreed, yet read threads like this (not the OP, but plenty of moaning throughout) and you’ll see that serving coffee caused them to boycott McDonald’s for life (to steal your analogy) .

Oh but it is crap. Major crap and it made no money hence why we haven’t had one in a month even though there is an ongoing stash.

Typical scipley. Roll something out have it fail and quickly toss it aside instead of working on it and making it great.

Onslaught would work if they would just add milestones to it. HordeZ could work if it was actually fun to play. It’s far too simplistic and once you get the right cards its a 99% victory every time.

I had fun with hordes expect for the stash being reset on transfer. Seems kinda shitty to cut it off for the people who wanted and have been workin on said stash.

Yes, they will try and sell them. That’s how.

How can they be allowed to pull an event right in the middle of a contest just because they didn’t like how much revenue it was or wasn’t pulling in? Where is the regulation for these mobile games?

They stopped Hordes to focus all their attention on making the new promo splash art they keep throwing in our faces every time we log in.

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