Where the heck is 6* Glenn and 6* Governor

Come on scopely get it together, no one is wasting money on your game anymore. Only tools are at this point, give us 6* that most of the community already has of that 5* version.


Yeah would be great! Though I don’t have any “ascending meat”, so I can wait SMH

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In the same boat… I have two I could ascend, but I don’t even have enough fodder for 1.

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On the same tank you meant? :man_shrugging:t3::sweat_smile:

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Need one more piece of fodder then I can ascend another, my only option is Mirabelle though.
Not bad necessarily just wish there were more options. Would be nice to get confirmation on glenn as I’ve got him ready to go too

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I have some pretty poor 5* fodder & dupes I could use, but my only current options are Barker or Yumiko, think I’ll wait for a better option to arrive.

I believe if u look back on their mesages regarding up and coming 5* to be 6* they said early 2018… so sometime after christmas. Patience grasshoppers… save up ur fodders and medals…

It says through early 2018, that means that they should have been continuously releasing these characters, one ever couple weeks if they want to make that promise with out dumping them on us all at once.

Although it says early 2018. Doesn’t mean the first week of the year. Early of 2018 has a duration of at least Jan. 1st - May 30th. Anything past that has made its way to the half way mark.

So that being said. They have an extra 5 months to feed us their reasons why it’s taking so long.

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