Where the calendar goes?

It’s really fantastic to see It disappearing once per week :smile:

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Not sure why they can’t keep it pinned but follow the link and your gtg.


Into a Limbo like Hershel and Maggie xD

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Agree it should be permanently pinned. But couple ways to find it easily

  1. Go to announcements section
  2. Search for “calendar in:topic” (the in: topic eliminates results which mention calendar in a post which makes it easier to find

I saved the page in my browser and it comes up right away…does not mean thatit is updated on time though.


Just scroll down the page.

It is pinned; that’s not the problem at all.
I find this interesting: if you open the forums and are not logged in, the calendar is pinned.

It’s interesting to me that there are many, many ways to get back to a web page you’ve visited before, but people rely on someone else to make it appear.

If I have time this afternoon I’ll dig into what controls which pinned posts appear in a user’s feed. I do believe that it’s possible to make it always in top, but that would come at the expense of another pinned item not appearing.


Bookmark it for easy access. :blush:

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