Where’s the weekly gear map?

Wasn’t the gear map meant to start around 4 hours ago? It’s monday here in Aus, and it hasn’t popped up?

Nope. Wait another 20 hours. Its Sunday in North America still. Weekly gear map doesn’t start til Monday 12pm cst

No, it’s meant to start Sunday 10am PT, which converts to Monday 5am Aus time.

It doesn’t start till Monday on the East Coast USA. Eastern Time Zone, never seen it start on Sunday here.

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I’m only going on what’s written here…

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All I need is one long coat hahahha

I’m in the UK GMT and it starts on a Monday at 6pm every week.

Well that’s shit then. I’ve always woken up to it in my Monday. Guess I’m leaving my YGL til the morning then -_-

It says Sunday, which would be 5 days a week. Have never seen it till 10 am Monday liberal state of California time though.

Yeah my initial understanding was that it was supposed to be 5 days a week. But it has never been. It has been “consistently” Monday at noon cst until Friday at noon cst.

I use “consistently” loosely because almost weekly 1 day it doesn’t show up until 2 or 3 hours later.

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Much like the not-to-be-mentioned letter from Some Guy the words of Scopely are written on sand. They’ll get around to redacting the historical record with the same alacrity they use on cheats. Meanwhile they’ve got hot, fresh pancakes to eat.


Despite what was written there, it has never run on a Sunday.

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“Despite the official announcement, we lied and it will never be run on sunday”

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Still not up get lazy ass in too fucking gear