Where’s the letter to our player after 4 years?

Where’s the 4 year event? Oh wait, let’s focus on the letter to the community…

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Why would there be an event? One of the reasons this community is always upset is because people just assume everything.

You’ve clearly not been here for every other anniversary


Meh meh, an anniversary event has been established in the past, there is a pattern set. So there is a valid question here. No need to get defensive love. :slight_smile:


Isn’t the anniversary towards the back end of August, going into September anyway?


Yes but always good to get a head start on complaining :man_shrugging:


Im guessing the op wants info since August is coming- better communication was promised after all. But thats just my thoughts lol.

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We could get info from the offical line group ch… Oh wait

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Yeah, that would work so well lmao

Maybe but Pathways is still the event yet. Even if did start early August, I’d still only expect an announcement in the empty void between the events

The 3 yr event was amazing … Hopefully just as good for the 4 yr

That Lil boy is an adolescent troll.
He thinks he knows all. And he gonna flex his slim shady muscles :muscle:.
He’s worse than kooky boot.

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They forgot about it and threw it together by October I think. It wasn’t that good if remember correctly. They ended the collection early, so you got some of the final rewards after the event ended, unable to complete.

@Toxic_Ivy I’m not getting defensive I don’t care either way.
I just think it’s funny to see people get worked up over something so insignificant.


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Last year the anniversary event was announced on August 22. Few more weeks we should hear more.


4 year anniversary celebration will be server shutdown